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Slovak for Foreigners Courses

It is a great advantage to learn the language of the country in which you study, work, or live.
Therefore we offer a wide range of the Slovak language for Foreigners Courses at our b&c language school. 

- Individual ONE-TO-ONE course / Individuálny kurz
- Group course / Skupinový kurz
- Intensive individual / group course - Intenzívny individuálny / skupinový kurz.
- ECL Exam preparation course / Prípravný kurz na skúšku ECL 
  Exam from Slovak Language is available in our school / Skúška zo slovenského jazyka je dostupná v našej škole.
- Other Courses upon request / Ďalšie kurzy na požiadanie. 
Check out the courses Schedule and Prices.

Exam from Slovak Language:
Our b&c school is the official Test and Registration Centre for ECL which offers exams from 15 foreign languages including SLOVAK LANGUAGE therefore our b&c Test and Registration centre provides also the Exam from Slovak Language.

Study materials:

We use various textbooks and auxiliary materials in our courses, but the most popular textbook is Krížom-krážom Slovenčina.
The First Aid Guide in Slovak is intended for everyday communication in the Slovak language for foreigners living, studying or working in Slovakia. 
Slovenčina pre azylantov a žiadateľov o azyl (Slovak for Asylum Seekers) is a handbook designed to be understandable to people from different countries of the world, with different language cultures, with different ages and education.

If you prefere an individual course tailored to your needs or with specific days and time, contact us on with your request and we will try to organize the lessons tailored to your needs and send you the price calculation.

Are you planning to work abroad after completing your studies? 
Do you need to improve in English, German, Italian or any other foreign language?
Do you want to study Slovak language for your future job in Slovakia?

b&c language school and how to contact us:

- Visit our language school on Južná trieda 2/A in Košice, Slovakia. We are situated on the 7th floor in the Congress Hotel Centrum, right next to shopping center Aupark.
- Send us your request to
- Follow us on Facebook b&c language school and Instagram to be informed about new offers.
- Search for information on our web page
- Call us to ask any questions on +421905855720.

Choose a Language course

We offer courses in 13 foreign languages: Slovak, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish or other up on request.
Check our courses offer here Courses or we can organize a course tailored to your needs, individual or a small group of your friends.


If you are not sure about your level at the moment, you can try our online tests:  EnglishGerman or French.

Study & Holiday stay in Malta
Do you want to improve your English in an English-speaking environment while spending free time at the beach by the sea? We can arrange for you a week, two or more weeks for a Study & Holiday stay in Malta. Find our more here: Malta

Prepare for the Exam

If you plan to study or work in a foreign country or want to apply for visa in english speaking country you need to take the IELTS exam. In our school we prepare for IELTS or Cambridge Exam (YLE, PET, KET, FCE, CAE) and the ECL exams (German, English, Slovak, Italian, Spanish, French ...), Goethe Zertifikat (German). Check information about those exams here: Preparation Courses.

Master two language levels within 2 years in b&c courses and take one ECL exam for FREE.

Take the Exam

Our b&c language school is the TEST and REGISTRATION CENTRE for British Council and European Consortium. Therefore we are approved to organize exams in our b&c school in Košice.
We provide IELTS exam, Cambridge CAE, FCE, KET, PET and YLE exams and ECL exams in 15 european languages (Slovak, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Rumanian, Russian, Serbian and Spanish) but we can arrange for you also Goethe Zertificat in German Language to be taken in Košice.

Get Prepared for your Interview

Congratulations on passing the exam! Now it is a good time to get ready for your job interview and to impress and convince your future employer. Write us an email to and request your individual preparation lessons for your future interview.


Now you can apply for desired work without any worries :).


To register for the course send an Enrollment application or email with following information to :
  • Name and Surname,
  • Mobile Contact,
  • Address,
  • Age,
  • Email,
  • Your actual level of slovak,
  • Type of the course you are interested in,
  • Your native language,
  • Languages you speak (level specification will also help)
  • Prefered schedulle (optional).

The courses will open with the minimum number of 4 students in a group. An individual course can start anytime.
In case you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact Bibiana on 0905855720 or


SPOLOČNÝ EURÓPSKY RÁMEC je dokument vypracovaný Radou Európy. V praxi tento dokument predstavuje diferencovaný systém šesťstupňovej škály (A1-C2) podľa úrovne ovládania jazyka. Systém definuje kompetenčnú úroveň používateľa jazyka. Predstavuje spoločnú bázu rozvíjania jazykových schopností a zručností v celej Európy a podrobne popisuje spôsob získavania jazykových vedomostí tak, aby boli študujúci schopní využívať jazyk za účelom komunikácie, a aby si sami vedeli ohodnotiť dosiahnuté jazykové zručnosti.



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