Organization of courses

Registration and entrance testing


  A1 – Beginner, A2 – Elementary, B1 – Pre-Intermediate, B2 – Intermediate, C1 – Upper Intermediate, C2 -Advanced


 The specification of the course






Introductory lesson

Attendance monitoring


Progress testing

Cancelled lessons

          CS - cancelled by student on time - the lesson was cancelled with in time, i.e. 24 hours before the start of the students scheduled lesson- the lesson is not invoiced

          LC - late cancellation - the lesson was cancelled less than 24 hours before start of the lesson scheduled-the lesson is fully invoiced.


        NS - no show - the students did not turn up for scheduled lesson, or was not cancelled-the lesson is fully invoiced

        CT - cancelled by teacher - lesson cancelled by the teacher and will be replaced on an agreed date-the lesson is not invoiced

Exit Testing