b&c language school is a private language school, to us the most important is our client and, therefore, from the beginning, we believe that the best advertising is our satisfied students and positive references. Thanks to our principle each year we manage to open new courses and new languages and for that we thank you.

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Welcome to the website of b&c language school. Our language school has been operating on the market since 2004, and in this time we have created a high quality reputation and we are known as a responsible and high quality school in Košice. We have taught thousands of students to speak a foreign language, we have translated hundrets of documents and a large number of candidates are tested in our EXAM and REGISTRATION CENTRE for British Council in Košice in IELTS, KET, PET, FCE, CAE, kids YLE exams.  You can also prepare with us for those exams. Our offer include ECL exam in 15 European languages including Slovak for foreigners. We have found out that if you actually have the drive and desire, anything is possible!



As the only Exam and Registration Center for the British Council in Košice we offer year-round IELTS, FCE, FCE for Schools, CAE and YLE Exams. Our center offers various discounts on the exams, so please contact us at bc@bcskola.sk before registering for the exam.


In addition to the teaching foreign languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Hungarian, etc.) and Slovak for foreigners we also provide preparation courses for international certificate IELTS, translation services, language audit, training, sales of books, teaching materials and dictionaries.

What we offer?
* Language courses (Slovak, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish ...)
* Slovak for Foreigners,
* Certificates IELTS, FCE, CAE, YLE ...
* Preparation courses for IELTS, YLE, FCE, CAE a ECL,
* Translations,
* 2 v 1 Study in Malta - study & holiday in one,
* Testing,
* Training rooms for rent.


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News in our school

Aktuálna ponuka kurzov

We offer languages courses in 13 languages including chinesse, japanese and swedish language. Other courses will be opened continually, so keep an eye out for our offers. 

Príprava a skúšky na IELTS, YLE, FCE, CAE a ECL

NEW preparation courses and exams in the internationally recognized IELTS certificate, Cambridge (YLE, FCE, CAE) and ECL certificates (slovak, english, german and 12 others.

Slovak For Foreigners / SLOVENČINA pre CUDZINCOV

The most useful Slovak for foreigners courses with real life practice. Get prepared for your studies, exams, life, travel and much more.

Za jazykový kurz KOMPAS+ NIČ NEPLATÍTE, hradí ho úrad práce. S kurzom angličtiny v konkurenčnom prostredí zvládnete aj IELTS skúšku.
Firemní klienti
7 reasons why to cooperate with b&c language school a 6 benefits that you get from cooperation.
Japončina a čínština
Don´t you know what to expect from a chinese course? Try it for FREE. The course is enriched with useful advice from the social and business etiquette. 
Skúšky / Exams
Our b&c TEST AND REGISTRATION CENTER for the British Council and the European Consortium ECL offers you a wide range of tests: IELTS, YLE, PET, KET, FCE, CAE and also ECL exams in 15 European languages, right in Kosice.
Študijný pobyt na MALTE
Zdokonaľte sa v angličtine v anglicko hovoriacom prostredí a zároveň strávte krásnu dovolenku na slnečnej MALTE
Moderné školiace priestory na prenájom
We rent our new and modern training facilities and a short rent office right in the centre of Kosice. Reservations on www.skoliacamiestnostkosice.sk
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Staňte sa priateľom b&c language school, sledujte najnovšie kurzy, akcie a zľavy na našom profile.

Test your language skills!

Free entrance tests for candidates interested in our courses b&c language school.

anglicky test bc skola

Are you able to communicate in the UK or the US? English moves the world, so move with us! Conversation, professional or individual courses.



german test bc skola

If you want to work in Austria or Germany, you need good quality German. We will teach the language and phrases for real life.


french test bc skola

Do you want to go on a trip to Paris? Impress the French- patriots with not only basic French phrases, but with fluent speech as well.


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"I am happy to recommend the services of b&c language school. " student
"Potrebovali sme overiť preklady do mnohých jazykov. Preklady boli 100% správne aj rýchle. b&c zabezpečí vždy a všetko."