Language courses from b&c

Language courses are adapted to the requirements of our clients. In our offer you will find language courses for children, youth, students and adults. In addition to the general direction you have the possibility to choose the language course with an emphasis on business, marketing, law, management, banking, or other region, whether, for example, preparation for your school leaving exam or preparing for university entrance exams, or for internationally recognized certificates.


The schedule is adapted to the clients requirements based on time possibility.

  • language: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Japanese, Hungarian, Slovak for expatriates/ foreigners,
  • one teaching hour lasts 45, 60 or 90 minutes
  • the possibility of an individual or group classes  for companies and individuals
  • Classic, semi intensive and intensive classes,
  • the courses are divided into semesters: spring, summer and winter,
  • the different focus of the courses: business, banking, management, law, and other areas, aupair
  • the knowledge level of the student shall be determined on the basis of the entrance test, according to which the student is placed in one of the six levels of knowledge of the European framework,
  • To successfully meet the one General level it is necessary to participate in 80-100 lessons.


Winter semester: September -January

Spring semester: February -June

Summer semester: July – August


For the current semester we have prepared for you the following group courses of foreign languages for the public. The criteria of the course can be adapted to your requirements or in some circumstances there is the possibility to open a new course, if you inform us in time.

  • Any of the above discounts applies to basic prices (discount cannot be cumulated).
  • The prices are without teaching aids. It is necessary to pay for the course on  first lesson. On request it is possible to pay the amount in installments.
  • In small groups, it is no more than 5 students.
  • You can subscribe by phone, by sms, the Web, or by email (Please provide: name, phone number, email, language, current knowledge level, if applicable, the number of the course).
  • Before the beginning of the course, students will receive a confirmation via email (on-demand sms) about the course requested.